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We’re PI Specialists

Prescribing Information (PI) often falls into a gap that neither internal art departments nor agencies of record can properly specialize in. Franklyn’s years of expertise can efficiently bridge that gap. We incorporate your styles and processes to ensure reviews and approvals go as smoothly as possible.

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We get you what you need—fast—and correct the first time.
In fact, we have a 96% first-time approval rate for submitting to regulatory.


What are the benefits of working with dedicated PI experts? 

Big print savings 

Do you know how much money you can save if you print one page instead of two on a run of hundreds of thousands? That's how much Franklyn can save you. Our team has the depth of experience that we need to tweak formatting, within FDA guidelines, to fit your Pl to the most print-efficient sizes.

Peace of mind

The work will be done right. Every time. For many of our clients, we receive phone calls and requests from brand teams, agencies, print production, eMarketing, and cross-functional groups. Even if Pl ordering is more centralized, we might be speaking with someone who has worked for our client pharma company for years or someone who started last week. Sometimes they know what the Pl process is; most of the time they don't. Franklyn ensures that each time, every time, we all adhere to your process.

Time and labor savings

Our team has worked on so many PIs over the past 20+ years that we can look at an XML file and tell you, at a glance, how many pages the formatted document will be. Then we fit your Pl to that size, the first time. This is our specialty. In our chosen niche, we are fast and accurate and need almost no instruction.


Whether you need a reflow of an existing piece, a revision to a long-standing PI or help with the launch of a new product, Franklyn is always ready to take care of your PI needs.

You look good

Because frankly, if we don't make you look good, we don't look good. Enough said.

For PI information and new business inquiries,


Contact Eric Knapp:

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